Tom Krolikowski


SNACBot utilizes a robot arm to deliver food to a person autonomously. The robot uses computer vision to locate food on a surface, and navigate the arm toward it to pick it up. SNACBot will also detect a user with an open mouth and deliver the food to their mouth safely. This allows disabled users to enjoy a meal on their own without the assistance of a caregiver.

Semantic Segmentation Depth Estimation

The need for depth perception in the modern world increases dramatically each year. With the creation of self-driving cars and other smart machines, there is an importance in capturing the way human eyes are able to interpret the 3-dimensional world and efficiently convert it into data computers can understand. Using computer vision, and more specifically convolutional neural networks, the problem of mapping real world images into a depth map becomes possible. Using encoder-decoder CNNs, we can capture the spacial relationship between each pixel in an input image from each layer of the net.